The Burbs

Wow, it has been way too long. Seriously, I haven’t posted since mid July? And, to top it off, I haven’t even been cooking that much. Horrible I know. But I have a good excuse…I promise!

Excuse is…we bought a house and moved…to the burbs šŸ™‚ I said it would never happen, but lesson learned, never say never. After several months of looking in the city, the Mr. and I decided to expand our search a little. And, within a few days, we found a house we both loved. Only problem, it already had an offer on it that had been accepted. Deciding it didn’t hurt, we put a back up offer on it thinking nothing would come of it. But about a week later we got a call saying the first offer fell through and it was ours if we still wanted it. Um, hello, yes…can we say this house has my dream kitchen (among other things)!

Anyhow, after finalizing the offer and getting the process moving forward, we decided we wanted to get the townhouse rented ASAP. So within a few days we had it listed and within a week of that we had renters signed to move in July 30th. Only problem, we weren’t closing on the new place until August 15th. So what did we do…we moved in with my parents of course šŸ˜‰

Almost two months later, we are still settling into the new house. Absolutely love the house but seriously wish the unpacking, hanging stuff, etc. would take care of itself. We will get there…eventually. And, slowly I am starting to cook again…just have to get back in the habit of taking pictures and writing. But it will happen…guaranteed.

Here is a shot of our new home sweet home! Man, just love it!!!

HomeEnjoy your Wednesday evening! I am looking forward to mine…first relaxing evening home all week.

Take care!


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