Meal Planning: April 7th – April 13th

Another week has come and gone. I can’t say I was all that successful at following through on the meals that I planned last week. Between having leftovers from Easter and a few things going on preventing us (well me) from having time to cook, I only made one of the planned meals. Here is how our week ended up turning out:

Monday – the Mr. ended up going to a Mariners event at Safeco field so I was on my own. I ended up cooking myself up a leftover lamb burger from Easter.

Tuesday – I made us the Cauliflower Pizzas. As I was going through the steps of making I was a little nervous on how they would turn out but they ended up turning out AMAZING. Both the Mr. and I loved them. Promise to share recipe soon – this is a MUST TRY!

Wednesday – Absolutely can’t remember 🙂 Probably just something random as I was on my own and the Mr. was at his weekly Wednesday roommate night.

Thursday – I had a Junior League introduction meeting so I didn’t get home until after 8pm. Ended up throwing together a quesadilla.

Friday – We had dinner at the Ingle’s. They made us excellent tacos! It was such a wonderful evening. Had so much fun catching up with them and playing with their son Ben.

Saturday – Went to a birthday party where they had the Skillet food truck – YUM – I had the farro burger and it was delicious.

Hopefully this week will be a little better. Overall, I have super easy meals planned and most items we already had so the grocery shopping was minimal. Trying to use up some stuff we already have!

Weekly Meals: April 7th – April 13th

Sunday: Happy Hour at The Walrus & Carpenter (oysters!!!) with Morgan & Chris

Monday: Spinach, Mushroom & Feta Crust-less Quiche

Tuesday: Sausage & Peppers with salad

Wednesday: Out (the Mr. has his boys night and I have book club)

Thursday: Mexican Polenta Stacks

Friday: Out – Brie’s Birthday Dinner – location TBD

Saturday: Out – friends Bachelorette Party!!!!


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