Meal Planning: March 31st – April 6th

Thank goodness it is Friday! I am so beyond ready for the weekend. What a week it has been. Although it will be a busy weekend, it will also be a good one. On top of Seattle having awesome weather (well that is what they are saying), tomorrow the misters parents are coming to town and then tomorrow evening, we are having a big dinner with some families he grew up with. Every year on the Saturday before Easter the families get together for a dinner. It is such a fun tradition. Then Sunday, we have church followed by lunch/dinner at my parents. It will be a big celebration this year as we have 20 or so people coming together. And on top of celebrating Easter, we will also be celebrating my cousin’s sons birthday! Now, only to get through the rest of the work day so the weekend can start 🙂

This weeks meals were a success! I LOVED the two meals I made from Skinnytaste (honey sesame chicken and pork and green chili stew). Also, the Sweet Kale Salad from Costco is awesome. I will definitely be buying it again (assuming they have it still).

Here are the meals for next week:

Weekly Meals: March 31st – April 6th

Sunday: Easter lunch/dinner at my parents (I am in charge of making two pasta style salads, I am thinking a Farro Caprese Salad and an Italian Orzo Salad)

Monday: Cauliflower Pizza

Tuesday: Crock Pot Picadillo (Skinnytaste)

Wednesday: Greek Style Shrimp with Feta (from Dinner: A Love Story Cookbook)

Thursday: Leftovers / Out

Friday: Dinner at the Ingle’s!

Saturday: Out


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