Meal Planning: January 27th – February 2nd

Back with another list of meals I plan to make this week. Overall, I did pretty well last week. On Thursday I started not feeling well and both of us worked late so we decided to go out instead of cook something at home (will have to make the Tortellini Sausage Soup another time). We went to our favorite local pizza place called Queen Margarita. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting a spot in the Magnolia Village area. We split a pizza and a salad. Was perfect for the two of us!

First, the weekend. This past weekend was a crazy one. Friday evening we rushed to Costco after work to pick up food for the appetizer spread I was putting together for a surprise birthday party we were helping host on Saturday (in Vancouver, WA) for my mother-in-law. Friday night, a few friends came over for pizza (yes, twice in a week we had pizza) and games. Sadly I was feeling horrible so after dinner I had to excuse myself and go to bed. Couldn’t make it past 8:30 😦 Saturday, while the Mr. was at an alumni breakfast, I loaded the car and prepped the appetizers. At 11am we hit the road for a 26 hour trip to Vancouver. Saturday afternoon was full of prepping for the surprise birthday party. After the party with the extended family, a smaller group (in-laws, hubby and sister-in-law) headed to dinner at a restaurant in Vancouver called Lapellah. Sunday morning I felt horrible so I hung out at the in-laws house while the Mr. and his parents went to church. Then the minute they got back we loaded the car and headed back to Seattle. Was a short trip but was a very nice one! We had to rush back on Sunday as we had a 4pm appointment to buy our new car!!! We got a black 2013 Honda Pilot. LOVE 🙂 After that we crashed!

Still not feeling well. This cold is a killer! On day 4 and I am struggling! Here is this weeks meal plan:

Sunday: Cheese & Meat Plate (use up some of the leftover stuff from the appetizers I put together for my mother-in-laws surprise 60th birthday)

Monday: Chicken Cashew Stir-Fry with quinoa or quinoa/rice mixture

Tuesday: Smoked Salmon Quinoa Cakes w/ Poached Eggs

Wednesday: Out / Leftovers (I am on my own as the hubby has his Wednesday night out with the guys)

Thursday: Smoked Salmon Quesadillas

Friday & Saturday: Out

From my weekly meals can you tell I have some smoked salmon in the house? 🙂 Hope you are all doing well! I know I owe some actual food posts. Soon I promise. Plenty backed up…just need to make the time to load the pictures for the posts!!!

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