Sultan Bakery

Last Sunday, we made a day trip to the Leavenworth area. A while back, we had purchased a golf deal (yes, another deal…trust me, we love them and use a lot of them!) that was good for us to play a round of golf and it also included “lunch” (more on that later) and a cart at Kahler Glen. We had meant to use this deal earlier and make a weekend out of it by staying in Leavenworth for a night or two, however, time got away from us (often happens) and the expiration date was quickly approaching so we decided to just take the day to go over and have a little adventure.

Not thinking through it fully, we scheduled it for the day after Seafair šŸ™‚ Long day on the boat in the sun = us not wanting to get out of bed early the next morning! However, being the troupers we are, we got ourselves up and out of the house only 40 minutes after we were supposed to leave (well maybe an hour) and headed east on probably the hottest day of the summer!

Being that we got off to a slow start and knowing there was one stop along the way we for sure wanted to make, I called and moved our tee time to a slightly later time. Thank goodness we did as we just had to stop at the Sultan Bakery on our way! Lately, every time we head east, we stop and have breakfast or lunch or brunch. It wasn’t until this year that I was introduced to it. The Mr. typically stops with buddies on their way up to go skiing but me, I had never been. Now that I have been introduced, I want to stop EVERY time. Yes it is that good šŸ™‚ I wish I would have remembered while we were actually there to take pictures but I am still getting used to wanting pictures for a blog, so on the way home I snapped the one below. Not the best but it is better than nothing.


Sultan Bakery has amazing breakfast sandwiches. They bake the bread daily there. It is super soft! Man, wish I had a picture of the sandwich…how to explain it! It is 2 slices of fresh soft white bread (imagine pieces of bread that is 8.5″ x 6.5″) with egg, American cheese, Dijon mustard and huge sausage patties. You could also get either ham slices or bacon but we always go for the sausage. They also have delicious donuts of all kinds and other pastries. This trip we split a maple bar that is twice the size of what you get from your typical doughnut shop. Needless to say we were STUFFED after our little stop šŸ™‚

After making our quick breakfast stop, we drove straight to the course which is located right by Lake Wenatchee. Overall, the course was so so (I know…very descriptive). It is shorter than our home course and not as in great of shape, however, we still had fun and the area around it is beautiful.

I mentioned I would talk more about lunch earlier (how we were even hungry for lunch I am not sure), well the deal said two entrees (of your choice) and two beverages (soda, beer, etc). When we checked in at the pro shop, they handed us a coupon for two hot dogs and two drinks??? Although we both expected this to be the case, I laughed as it said two entrees of your choice…how am I choosing…maybe as I can put my own condiments on it, I am choosing? šŸ™‚ Oh well, we didn’t really want to have to sit in the restaurant and eat anyways so we got our hot dogs and beers (oh and it included chips) as we turned to play the back 9. By this point, all we really wanted was a cold drink as it was hotter than heck out!

After our round of golf, before heading home, we made a quick stop to wonder around the town of Leavenworth as we were basically already there! I love the cute little town! We spent about an hour there and our big purchase while there was a peach iced tea and some frozen yogurt.

I did fall in love with some ceramic owls but decided they weren’t worth the $60. Luckily I waited as I found them the very next day on a daily deal site called Joss & Main for $21!!! Can’t wait until they arrive.

Anyhow, after grabbing our frozen yogurt to eat on the road we headed home exhausted and full!


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