No more excuses…

I have been saying for years that I wanted to start a blog. I wanted a place where I could keep family and friends up to date on current happenings, a place to post about my experimental cooking, and a place to just talk, well I guess write, about things I LOVE (or even don’t love). I know I told several of you I wanted a place to post about all my therapies (e.g. cooking, dining out, spending time with friends, etc). However, time and time again I had excuse after excuse on why I hadn’t started this blog – not sure what to call it, I don’t have time, and plenty more I am sure!

A long time ago, someone told me the following: “Excuses are like butt holes, everyone has one and they all stink!” So, I am finally remembering this, and starting a blog. What all will be in here I am not positive on, but I do know it will be a source for me (& possibly the hubby if he feels the desire) to share about LIFE. As you all know, the Mr. and I LOVE to be busy! We are always on the go, therefore, I am sure we will have many adventures to share, plenty of recipes and lots of fun stories!

Stay tuned for most posts but for now go enjoy the sun!

3 thoughts on “No more excuses…

  1. How come you haven’t mentioned you started a blog? It’s a good thing I’m super good at stalking and stumbled on this all on my own. This just made my day!

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